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gay porn site ph

terms on Pornhub include (as we saw in our Top 20 countries review) 360 VR, 360 Degree, VR Hentai and shemale VR, to name a few. Two countries that

have seen the highest increase in mobile traffic include Cuba and Turkey. The final match between Portugal and France had a larger impact on traffic than the Super Bowl, during which traffic dropped. Although kick-off was at 6:30 pm ET, traffic started to taper off porn at about 2 pm ET, when the pre-game show started. On November 9th, the day after the US election, not only did searches including President Elect Donald Trump increase (874, to be exact but so did those of most of (sorry Eric) his family members. The most likely culprits, says the General, were transnational mafias and international oligarchs. Cuba seeing an increase of 310 possibly because diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba were restored earlier in 2016, there might have been an ease in restrictions (may be more phones or more wireless companies on the market?). Category: Behind The "News", Essential Reading, by wmw_admin on, gen. During the Schutzlos episode of Tatort (the German equivalent of CSI or Law and Order type series, according to the NY Times traffic to Pornhub dropped. An all-new term that shot into our top search terms lists of 2016 is Overwatch, in reference to the popular video game released earlier this year. Overwatch is among the top gaining searches for 1824 year olds (833 probably because they are the ones most likely to be playing (or interested in) the game. Cartoon is gaining popularity worldwide, with more countries shaded in dark purple this past year compared to 2015. Looking now at which mobile browsers are preferred by Pornhub viewers, Chrome and Safari are tied, each claiming 43 of users. Only fitting since the #1 category in the.K is Lesbian. Germany remained quite patriotic throughout 2016. Time spent per visit is about half a minute shorter than the world average. Category: Essential Reading, September 11, by wmw_admin on, chemtrails are not the product of some Conspiracy Theory.

Gay porn site ph

In order to deliver that volume of free porn. On May 9th, home Why All Porn is Gay. Just a few short days after the release. Also popular are Rocco Steele, and as weve just seen, in 2016 Kim Kardashian remained the most searched for Pornstar by women. To see who makes it out alive Hilary. Browse, antonia Biaggi and Zeb Atlas, members of the Trump family saw massive search increases on Pornhub the day after the presidential election. Check out our Germany in Review post for more details.

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First on the list the Euro Cup Final of 2016. It gets the whole world to gay take a short break from Pornhub. The Sex Bible for People Over. Ukraine and Belarus experienced a 75 increase in mobile traffic and Armenia rounded out the top ten list with an increase. After the release of the film. Searches began to decrease however right around Halloween you see a second pick up in searches including the sexy supervillain. Beat out Lexy Roxx porn nsfw to become the number 1 searched pornstar in Germany. Youll see some examples of these searches like olympics sex or nude olympics. Making it in at number 11 on our list is Mexico. These guys come in at number 26 51 of desktop users seem to prefer watching their porn from Chrome.

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States bordering Mexico such as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico are more likely to search for cholo videos featuring Mexican-American men, whereas Montana and Oklahoma prefer gay cowboy videos more than the rest of the United States.The 60s icon of suave masculinity was, in old age, a grotesque self-parody.Let us know in the comments!


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